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Cockpit is all about providing you with customized view of your most important financial data, enabling you to make the right investment decisions at the right time. It's easy to get started, you can access from anywhere, it's all in the cloud.

  • Always live

    No need to refresh the page. The data is always live.

  • 100% customisable

    Choose any stock and combine it with one of the numerous powerful widgets to create your own customizsed overview.

  • Rich data

    Live data from every major stock exchange around the world and thousands of news sources.

  • Shared

    Any screen or widget can be shared among users. By accessing shared overviews, users become inspired and develop new ideas.

  • Refined interface

    The data may be deep and heavy, but the experience is not. Key information is always available and easy to spot.

  • Easy to get started

    Cockpit comes with an extensive collection of preset market overviews giving you all the basics.

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We have predefined a large number of screens containing global markets, US & European markets, FX, Commodities and much more.


Widgets are the essence of Cockpit. They provide the news, the financial data, and the fun. Select the widgets you want to use, add them to your screens, and customize them to fit your needs. You can embed widgets in your blog or share entire screens via email or social media, e.g. Facebook.

  • Full Quote Large

    Get a quick overview of any stock, index or currency. Make it fullscreen to show your colleagues.

    The minigraph can display both intraday and historical data by clicking on the interval. Activity shows how traded the stock is compared to the two last years.

  • Graph

    All the usual display modes such as candlestick and above/below are available, but greatly improved.

    Include this in your technical analysis. It is easy to modify and the results appear immediately.

  • Watch List

    You can choose from a number of pre-defined watch lists or create your own. A watch list gives you both an overview and details of individual stocks.

    By subscribing to real-time data, you will be able to see a watch list with real-time information. You can resize your watch list and thereby select the amount of information you want to see.

Widget overview

    • RSS News

      Follow any news source you prefer or select from the news sources selected by Cockpit.

    • Graph

      Historical and intraday data, compare with other stocks or indices, and use interactive technical analysis.

    • Watch List

      Stay updated on the stocks, indices or currencies you wish to follow.

    • Index List

      Follow all the important indices and get detailed information about each stock.

    • Full Quote Big

      Get a quick overview of the most essential information.

    • Order Depth

      Get the immediate order depth for all markets which support it.

    • Graph List

      Get an overview of the historical perforformance of multiple stocks, indices or currencies.

    • Quote List

      Stay updated on the current performance of mulitple stocks, indices or currencies.

    • Last Trades

      Keep track of how individual stocks are currently being traded.

    • Calculator

      A barebones calculator. For when the numbers get too large.

    • Note It

      For the sudden insight that might slip your mind. The Note It widget helps you keep track of your thoughts.

    • Full Quote Mini

      Follow indidual stocks with this handy minified version of the Full Quote.

    • World Clock

      Stay in sync with different time zones and prominent exchanges around the globe.

    • Currency Converter

      Convert between hundreds of currencies and get an overview of historical data.

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