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Profil Société

Hargreaves Lansdown (HL) is one of the UK's leading independent financial service providers and asset management specialists with more than 0.5m clients and £24.6bn of assets under administration (AUA). HL offers fund investing, brokerage, pension savings, wealth management and financial advisory. The primary source of business is HL’s online investment platform Vantage (380,000 active users) where clients manage their own investments. The company has a capital surplus of £46m over the Basel II requirement and revenue growth have been robust (+31% y-o-y), while cost growth has been managed (+16% y-o-y) thanks to the scalable business model. The company believes it will increase growth rates the coming years due to its low pricing, wide product offering and continued low market interest rates. Cuts in the UK pension tax relief will reduce the demand for HL’s Self-Invested Personal Pension products and lower spending power for households puts pressure on demand for private investments. Reductions in fund values impacts HL’s profits negatively since income is related to the total AUA.


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