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Smiths Group PLC ORD 37.5P
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Profil Société

Smiths Group focuses on five divisions; threat and contraband detection, medical devices, energy, communications and engineered components. SG tries to operate in sectors with good growth prospects by investing in R&D and acquiring targeted acquisitions. The company’s performance is mainly driven by the perceived threat of terrorism (govt. budgets), global energy activity and growing healthcare needs. The company has implemented a new cost saving program along with a refocus to higher margin products which has and continues to deliver large margin improvements in most divisions. The company is also setting up sales offices in China and India as well as acquiring targets to gain more exposure in growing developing markets and to obtain complementary technologies. Constrained US government budgets present a large threat to the company as it could impact the detection and medical divisions's earnings.


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Cobham PLC O.. 134,65 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
Weir Group P.. 2 190,00 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
Emerson Elec.. 73,07 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
Flowserve Co.. 43,38 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
Sensata Tech.. 53,21 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
ManTech Inte.. 51,97 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
Schneider El.. 74,62 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
Safran 90,10 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé
Qinetiq Grou.. 217,20 0,0% Cours de bourse inchangé

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